Selected Short Films


Fiction / Essays

SK Delivery

A short film set in the future. After the blossom wars, a lost figure travels from Japan to Shanghai II and then to the English Midlands on a solidarity mission, but it ends in the hills, beneath the thistles.


The End In Itself

They’re stealing roses, they’ve formed a gang to try to destroy time. They’re finding a way to make it without you.


Under Chronicles of Sleep

A meditation on study, race, absurdity and endless returns.





Everyday I Don’t

Everyday the same thing happens, until it doesn’t. A circuit of ritual and fish flags, filmed in one continuous shot.



In Production

Negative Worlds

A mosaic film projected to be 70 mins. Prefiguration, restlessness of play and study and protest: a search for the negative of this world.


Music Video


Music video for lupa lari.


AVOU 19  

One weekend in the summer of 2019 – a record of AVOU dance music festival.  

Saraswati’s Hand  

Ethnographic film with clay icon makers in Kumortuli, Kolkata.  


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