Archive Poetry

I am interested in two genres of writing – poetry and history – and the points at which these cross. This has led to a series of archive and collage works, centered initially on the idea of an ‘outside’ to state power (‘Desertion’ and ‘Heresy’). A related series (‘Labour’) focuses on oral histories, newsprint and tomb inscriptions.

Newer work (‘Rupert Murdoch’) has begun to look at the relationship between language and power, in particular rhetoric and persuasion in public and the language of oligarchs in private, as far as this can be glimpsed.



Related to the archive of vernacular lyric and narrative transmission, I am interested in ballads, popular song and translation. A long poem for children (‘The Ballad of Herbert’) and a series of re-worked tales from the Decameron are the result so far.


Poetry Publications & Performances


  • ‘Desertion’ (Arthur Shilling Press, 2011)

In Edited Collections

  • there were our own, there were the others (morning star publications, Trust New Art / National Trust, 2014)
  • VierSomes 000 edited by Stephen Mooney (Veer Books, 2012)
  • Herbarium edited by James Wilkes (Capsule Editions, 2011)


  • ‘Labour’ (Infinite Editions, 2012)

Selected Magazines / Journals

  • Cambridge Literary Review (forthcoming)
  • Hi Zero (2012)
  • Veer About (2011)
  • Openned Zine #4 (2011)
  • Surrey Poetry Festival Magazine (2011)
  • Freaklung (2010)

Selected Readings

  • ‘there were own, there were the others’ launch, The Bluecoat, Liverpool (2014)
  • Enemies, Richmix, London (2013 and 2014)
  • Amid the Ruins, Daniel Blau Gallery, London (2014)
  • Feelings, London (2012)
  • Hi Zero, Brighton (2011)
  • Crossing the Line, London (2010)

Education / Workshops

  • Mapping the Elephant day workshop with The Architecture Foundation (2014)




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