Capitalism, Language, Race

I have written an ongoing series of papers and articles on race, literature and Marxism.

I presented a seminar on Race and Poetry at University of Kent in 2017. An article in the Journal of British and Irish Innovative Poetry entitled Writing Race Under Capital: Nisha Ramayya, Nat Raha, and Daljit Nagra’s ‘Ramayana’ is forthcoming.

I focused on translation, the idea of mixed race poetics and bilingual poetry in a talk entitled The Cover That Uncovers: mixed-race poetics at the RAPAPUK: Legacies of Colonialism conference in Cambridge in 2018. Listen to an audio recording of the paper.


In October 2019, I gave a seminar at Cambridge English Faculty on Marxist conceptions of poetry’s political potential entitled ‘Recent Marxist Criticism: Towards Transverse Open Negativity’.

Architecture and Space

  • Parasitic Buildings

I am interested in the parasitic urban spaces created by capitalism and property. In particular how these play out in contemporary London. In parallel, I also try to follow glimpses of a built world which has never materialised seen through a negative image. I presented a talk on the parasitic spaces of South London at the South of the River conference at the University of Greenwich in 2018.

  • Social Housing Worlds

I also research the changing worlds refracted within the design, signage and lives lived in social housing estates. In 2016, I presented some of this research under the title ‘Bristol Politics and Housing’ at the Changing Landscapes event at Arnolfini Gallery, Bristol. I wrote an essay on the Kate Macintosh designed Dawson’s Heights estate and its Forest Hill surroundings for the edited book ‘Mount London‘ (Penned in the Margins, 2014).

Politics of Philology

Developing the frameworks I used in the experimental work of philology, Complex Crosses, I am currently researching radical readings of the Book of Job, as well as close readings of Japanese poetry.

I delivered a seminar paper on the politics of philology: ‘Four Counterparts: Philology and Contemporary Poetry’ at the Contemporary Innovative Poetry Seminar series organised by Royal Holloway (2016).

An essay booklet on ‘Why I spent a year writing about six lines from the Book of Job’ is forthcoming. It will also feature an essay on the politics of hermeneutics.

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